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Introducing the SlyChair

 The clean, safe, compact child seat you didn't know was there.
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Inspired By Necessity.

Being the parents of 3 children, we've battled with hundreds of highchairs throughout the years.  We've seen first hand a multitude of flaws with existing designs and set out to make a better and safer high-chair.

Three years and dozens of prototypes later, we are happy to announce the SlyChair.  The SlyChair is the 2-piece combination of a hide-away frame and drop-in seat which is the perfect highchair when needed, and easily put-away when you don't.  We love the SlyChair, and hope you do too!

        Nathan Guffey
     Inventor and CEO of the SlyChair

See Why the SlyChair is Better

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Strength From Design, Not Size

The SlyChair's unique design allows the table surface to provide the structure for the highchair. This means it's not only sturdier than conventional highchairs, but more stable as well. The pleasant side effect of this is the extremely compact size of the seat - so compact that it fits in a standard dishwasher!

What makes the SlyChair different?

It's Safer
It's Safer

The SlyChair draws it's stability from the table, not a tall freestanding base. This greatly reduces the number one cause of highchair related injuries - tipping over when the child pushes away from a table.

It's Cleaner
It's Cleaner

Due to it's compact and lightweight design, the SlyChair's seat is easy to remove and clean. It is even compact enough to fit into a standard dishwasher!

It's Compact
It's Compact

The slide-away frame and compact nesting seat mean the SlyChair can be easily put away when not in use. There's no longer a need to store a bulky plastic highchair in the corner of your dining room!

Where do I buy a SlyChair?

We're working hard to bring the SlyChair into production, but it's not quite there yet.

Clean, Safe, Compact.

SlyChair - The clean, safe, compact child seat you didn't know was there.